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Ningbo Sinoconve Belt Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Sinoconve Belt Co., Ltd. Company Profile
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Ningbo Sinoconve Belt Co., Ltd. Company Profile
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Ningbo Sinoconve Belt Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Sinoconve Belt Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Sinoconve Belt Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Sinoconve Belt Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Sinoconve Belt Co., Ltd.
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Company Details

Our company was established on November 24, 2015. With a floor space of 400 square meters, we specialize in exporting high-quality products to various countries around the world. Our annual export revenue has reached USD 9040337, and we are proud to have been in the industry for 7 years. Quality Control At our company, quality control is of utmost importance. We ensure the traceability of raw materials used in our products and conduct thorough inspections of all our products according to our clients' requirements. Our production lines are also subject to quality control measures. We have 2 QA/QC inspectors who are dedicated to maintaining our high standards. Accepted Languages We are able to communicate with our clients in Spanish, Japanese, and English, making it easier for us to cater to their needs and preferences. Trade Background Our main markets include Southeast Asia (25%), the Middle East (21%), and North America (10%). We have a diverse clientele, including retailers, engineers, wholesalers, brand businesses, private individuals, and manufacturers. R&D Capabilities We have a team of 1 R&D engineer who is responsible for developing new products and customizing them according to our clients' requirements. We offer a range of customization options, including light customization, sample processing, graphic processing, and customized on demand. New Products In the past year, we have launched 86 new products, showcasing our commitment to innovation and meeting the changing demands of our clients. R&D Engineer Education Our R&D engineer holds a graduate degree, ensuring that our products are developed with the highest level of expertise and knowledge.


Sinoconve has over 20 years experience in the Conveyor Belt manufacturing, we can supply you any types of Conveyor Belt for your projects.
All Sinoconve Belt Comply criteria asDIN-22102,AS-1132,RMA,SANS-1173,BS-490 standards.If you need, we can provide.
Flame resistant conveyor belt leave the fire source after the fire, and the flame will automatically go out within 3 seconds

Our Team

SINOCONVE owns 10 vulcanizing production line, including 2 steel cord conveyor belt vulcanizing machine, and 1 drum vulcanizing machine,
110+ staff. 15+ quality control staff to monitor quality from raw material to finished belts.