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Company News About The material of conveyor belt
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The material of conveyor belt

Latest company news about The material of conveyor belt

There are five main materials that conveyor belts are made out of: thermoplastics, metal,rubber, fabric and leather. Plastics include polyester, polyvinyl chloride, silicone andpolyethylene. The metals are stainless and carbon steel, and the fabric materials are canvas or cotton. The most popular material is a rubber composite because it is flexible,resistant, smooth and seamless.


It also doesn't have any holes or openings. To increase strength, many belt materials contain additives, including fabric, steel, polyester or fiberglass. Many flat belts are actually composed of a core material and a covering. These belts are parts of many different types of conveyors, including troughed, inclined, horizontal, food grade and overhead conveyors,but they are not used in chain, pneumatic or screw conveyors.


Choosing the right belting material is the most important specification involved with conveyor systems because the wrong material could compromise productivity or worker safety.